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Engineering Futures - The Triangular Challenge

Progeny Solutions Limited is filling the space created by a triangular challenge.

On one face of the triangle sits the consumers of engineering services, who want to be agile enough to respond to varying organization demands. This means optimising manpower levels, with people who can competently enable the business to remain on a profitable and strategically aligned path forward ... ideally, without the headache of industrial relations issues or reputational fallout.

One the slippery second face, we find engineers (particularly fledgling and junior engineers) with: Limited professional skill-development, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities; Competition due to increased availability of experienced engineers (due to downsizing); Training tailored primarily to one sector. In short, they are seriously challenged to find a place to earn.

Other stakeholders, public entities and interest groups, occupy the third face, massaging their unique perspective of the challenge. One need is to grow engineering capability and non-traditional expertise, that facilitates innovation, earning power, economic growth and global competitiveness.

While there is a common aspiration, the binding force being, what is more apparent is the gap, the absence of a mechanism or pathway forward.

This is the genesis of Progeny Solutions Limited. By engaging all parties in a relationship that is focused on developing capability by delivering service Progeny aims to develop engineers capable of unlocking potential for themselves, associated end users, stakeholders and the global community.

With more than 60 years of expertise traversing, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Manufacturing, Airline, Food & Beverage, Training & Development Progeny welcomes opportunities to develop young professionals, who deliver services, under care, in a way that relieves users grappling with their unique version of the challenge. The result is a unique blend of Engineering and Professional Development Services that satisfies all parties.

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