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We provide engineering services to develop engineers capable of unlocking potential and delivering sustainable futures for associated end users, stakeholders and the global community


For Organizations:

A complete, cost-effective and hassle-free solution for solving your technical  AND  resourcing challenges.

Use us for those activities that strain resources but are very important none-the-less. Activities like:

  • Process Safety Management & Audits

  • Technical Drawings & Procedures

  • Troubleshooting, Turnaround & Maintenance Support


Our unique, convenient and flexible resourcing solution focuses on:

  • Talent Auditions

  • Professional Development


but we can also support:

  • Manpower Planning

  • Competence Assurance

  • Recruitment & Onboarding

Aspiring Professionals
New Graduates
Young Professionals

Our unique programs address your challenge in finding professional development and earning opportunities. You take ownership of your development, but we work to significantly increase your successes in a very competitive environment.

Our Professional Development programs are:

  • Heavily informed by industry feedback

  • Guided by the current and future realities

  • Designed to put you in direct contact with industry.

Our approach :

  • Personal and Professional Development planning 

  • Technical & Softskills training

  • Mentorship & Coaching



Other Stakeholders

You may be interested in engineering capability and services, for other reasons, that may include:

  • Local content capability & services

  • Innovation & Diversification

as examples. ​


Contact us directly with your needs and we will be happy to support you.




Progeny Solutions Limited had its genesis in a challenge faced by many and uses an innovative approach to provide a solution for all involved.


For consumers of engineering services, that challenge includes responding, with agility to variable organization demand so that  manpower levels are optimized and competently enable the business to remain on a profitable and strategically aligned trajectory. All this, without the headache of industrial relations issues or reputational fallout.


For engineers (particularly fledgling and junior engineers) it includes:

  • Limited professional skill-development, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

  • Competition due to increased availability of experienced engineers (due to downsizing)

  • Training tailored primarily to one sector

Other stakeholders face their unique perspectives of the challenge, one of which is the need to grow engineering capability and non-traditional expertise, that facilitates facilitates innovation, earning power and economic growth, in any environment.

With more than 60 years of expertise traversing, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Manufacturing, Airline, Food & Beverage, Training & Development we welcome an opportunity to assist you with your unique version of this challenge.



Click for program information.

Aspiring Professionals
New Graduates
Young Professionals

As a member, we help you to cut a clear path to your development, and execute it with the support of our wide network. Your choice of program includes:


  1. Progeny Grad TM 

  2. Progeny Advanced TM 

  3. Progeny Advantage TM - Our flagship program.

  4. Progeny Lead TM - With this program, professionals comfortable with their technical progress can build and credit leadership capability in preparation for future moves. 

Please contact us for assistance with selecting the program most appropriate to your needs.



Via subscription to its exclusive Progeny Community, individuals and organizations access engineering services, programmes and the opportunity to co-create the future.

Click to express an interest.                                                         


A corporate subscription gives organizations priority benefits that include quality-assured services, company-ready engineers, and other complementary services.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.


Not and engineer, but would love to access similar programmes in your field?

Let us know...Click on me


Your individual subscription gives you access to a choice of professional development programs, access to mentors and coaches, networking events, specialised training (discounted for members) and relevant industry updates you need.


Progeny Grad TM - Polish off those kinks and gaps that do make a difference in the real world. Also popular with undergraduates completing projects.

Progeny Advanced TM - This is the program for you if you have some experience, are clear on your development needs and need some focused support.

Look out for the launch!

Progeny Advantage TM - If you are green and looking to build your experience bank and need an opportunity to  Showcase your skills, take control with this program. Professional coaching, mentorship support you to success. Be seen, get listed.

Progeny Lead TM - Aspiring to supervision and leadership? Technical success won't cut it. Start your preparation with this customized program.




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 868-790-4140; 868-347-1589 or write us:

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Head Office

PO Box 6482 Maraval,

Saddle Road

Trinidad, WI


Tel: 868-790-4140

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